Are Sex Dolls Really Lifelike, Or Just Painted To Look Like It?

Nowadays, the presence of sex dolls is getting normal to many but since it is expected to be expensive, the company that produces sex dolls are making them more lifelike sex doll to satisfy the orgasm of many. These dolls are mainly made for the reason of sexual activities purposes only. Some may buy it for other reasons but many are aware of the main reason why it is made. If you are curious about what sex dolls look and feel, let this article help you to answer such curiosity especially if you are considering buying one.

To make something realistic and lifelike sex doll, here are some ideas that you should be informed about to fully find an exact answer to the questions you have in mind.

The Lifelike Sex Doll Enhanced Face Makeups

Undeniably, almost everyone is fond of beautiful faces that is why sex dolls are made to have perfect head sculpting, makeups, skin color, hair implants, and a lot more to have a realistic face result. Even these sex dolls are made for masturbating things, they also aim to be presentable as ever like exactly looking alike with real humans- woman or man.

The Upgraded Body Parts and A More Realistic Paintings

Not so long ago, sex dolls are made from ordinary materials but now that we are more improved when it comes to technological advances, sex dolls are becoming more and more life-like. When it comes to breasts, doll makers are making them softer to touch just like real women’s breasts. They are making it bigger and filled than ever to create a good impression on its users.

When it comes to the vagina and anus, the vagina is made special because it is uniquely designed to cater to every doll user’s needs in general. Doll makers are making a wide range of vagina walls to improve sexual pleasures for their users. Also, for the fingers, it has become more articulated with joint-like metal stuff fingers making it more realistic with its firm look in general.

In conclusion, doll makers are doing extra efforts to make sex dolls lifelike. However, we cannot deny the artificial side of it that it will never be as realistic as humans ever. As time goes by, its makeups and colors may fade but at the same time, if you are an interested buyer, you need to be aware of this artificial fact about sex dolls as a toy and not a real ones


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