Do Sex Dolls Have Bodies, Or Are They Just Heads?

If you want a direct answer, then these dolls you use for sex have bodies, too. You can also use their body parts the same way you can touch another person. They’re essentially like a human person you can use to satisfy your sexual desires. It’s not anymore new, because many people have it in their rooms. And no, it’s not something to be embarrassed about if you’re thinking of buying one to try or use for yourself.

Love dolls, also known as sex dolls, are human-like dolls designed to reap out pleasure for the person using them. As their name suggests, they’re used for sexual encounters only. If you’re someone who wants to do it, but is afraid to do it with a human, or you’re simply single, then you can buy these love dolls to achieve the things you want to get. If you want to know the basic but most important things you should know about these products, then stick around for more information coming your way.


Talking about usability, there is really more than your typical sex toy. Unlike a vibrator or a light stick, you actually get to masturbate with a human-like doll, with all the same features and holes as a person. So, you won’t have to buy separate toys for separate needs. You can always go for one that has it all.

Another good thing about sex dolls is that they’re easier to handle than, say, a real human being who might not be in good terms with your sexual preferences. What’s better than a doll that does everything you want without violently reacting to it? They make up for great partners in bed, too.

If you also plan on getting a third, love dolls are generally cheaper and safer than any person out there who would be willing to be there. Seeing them as options, too, would you go for anything so badly? Probably you should not do so.


Of course, sex dolls are a bit pricier than individual sex toys. But you can use them for as long as you like, as long as you provide maintenance for them as well. Maintenance can take up many forms, like cleaning or making sure the place where you store them is well-ventilated and comfortable for their material. Although, you should probably strive to provide both ways of maintaining their original quality.

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