Do Sex Dolls Have Bodies, Or Are They Just Heads?

If you want a direct answer, then these dolls you use for sex have bodies, too. You can also use their body parts the same way you can touch another person. They’re essentially like a human person you can use to satisfy your sexual desires. It’s not anymore new, because many people have it in their rooms. And no, it’s not something to be embarrassed about if you’re thinking of buying one to try or use for yourself.

Love dolls, also known as sex dolls, are human-like dolls designed to reap out pleasure for the person using them. As their name suggests, they’re used for sexual encounters only. If you’re someone who wants to do it, but is afraid to do it with a human, or you’re simply single, then you can buy these love dolls to achieve the things you want to get. If you want to know the basic but most important things you should know about these products, then stick around for more information coming your way.


Talking about usability, there is really more than your typical sex toy. Unlike a vibrator or a light stick, you actually get to masturbate with a human-like doll, with all the same features and holes as a person. So, you won’t have to buy separate toys for separate needs. You can always go for one that has it all.

Another good thing about sex dolls is that they’re easier to handle than, say, a real human being who might not be in good terms with your sexual preferences. What’s better than a doll that does everything you want without violently reacting to it? They make up for great partners in bed, too.

If you also plan on getting a third, love dolls are generally cheaper and safer than any person out there who would be willing to be there. Seeing them as options, too, would you go for anything so badly? Probably you should not do so.


Of course, sex dolls are a bit pricier than individual sex toys. But you can use them for as long as you like, as long as you provide maintenance for them as well. Maintenance can take up many forms, like cleaning or making sure the place where you store them is well-ventilated and comfortable for their material. Although, you should probably strive to provide both ways of maintaining their original quality.

Are Sex Dolls Really Lifelike, Or Just Painted To Look Like It?

Nowadays, the presence of sex dolls is getting normal to many but since it is expected to be expensive, the company that produces sex dolls are making them more lifelike sex doll to satisfy the orgasm of many. These dolls are mainly made for the reason of sexual activities purposes only. Some may buy it for other reasons but many are aware of the main reason why it is made. If you are curious about what sex dolls look and feel, let this article help you to answer such curiosity especially if you are considering buying one.

To make something realistic and lifelike sex doll, here are some ideas that you should be informed about to fully find an exact answer to the questions you have in mind.

The Lifelike Sex Doll Enhanced Face Makeups

Undeniably, almost everyone is fond of beautiful faces that is why sex dolls are made to have perfect head sculpting, makeups, skin color, hair implants, and a lot more to have a realistic face result. Even these sex dolls are made for masturbating things, they also aim to be presentable as ever like exactly looking alike with real humans- woman or man.

The Upgraded Body Parts and A More Realistic Paintings

Not so long ago, sex dolls are made from ordinary materials but now that we are more improved when it comes to technological advances, sex dolls are becoming more and more life-like. When it comes to breasts, doll makers are making them softer to touch just like real women’s breasts. They are making it bigger and filled than ever to create a good impression on its users.

When it comes to the vagina and anus, the vagina is made special because it is uniquely designed to cater to every doll user’s needs in general. Doll makers are making a wide range of vagina walls to improve sexual pleasures for their users. Also, for the fingers, it has become more articulated with joint-like metal stuff fingers making it more realistic with its firm look in general.

In conclusion, doll makers are doing extra efforts to make sex dolls lifelike. However, we cannot deny the artificial side of it that it will never be as realistic as humans ever. As time goes by, its makeups and colors may fade but at the same time, if you are an interested buyer, you need to be aware of this artificial fact about sex dolls as a toy and not a real ones


Pros And Cons Of Love Dolls

The first sex dolls didn’t look anything at all like today’s love dolls. They were made from rudimentary materials, to fulfill the needs of maritime explorers during their long voyages at sea. Since then, sex dolls have been popular items used for sexual pleasure. Modern versions of sex dolls currently available online and in sex shops are no longer rudimentary – they are able to provide lifelike sexual experiences for their owners.

Sex dolls, also known as love dolls, are able to be used by those of any sexual gender or orientation. They can also provide the ideal experience for any desire or fantasy, since they are available in a variety of shapes, materials and sizes – in just about every price range. Manufacturers also offer customization options which allow the purchaser to ensure they’re getting a sexual partner exactly like the one they would choose at a bar or party. Most love dolls have an entire body that looks and feels almost a human one, but there are some with only some of the usual “body parts,” making them less expensive and more easily transportable.

Advantages of Having a Sex Doll

  • Can Be Used Anytime

Sex dolls can be used whenever the urge hits. They’re ideal for someone with a high sex drive, since they don’t have to be “in the mood” and don’t have to check their schedule before they’re ready for action .

  • It Avoids Cheating On A Partner

People in a relationship often use sex dolls to spice up their sexual activities. The activity feels just like the real thing, but doesn’t require finding a partner outside of a committed relationship.

  • Practices Your Performance

Sex dolls are the perfect way to practice sexual performance or try out new positions, without feeling embarrassed to try something different with a human partner.

Disadvantages of Sex Dolls

  • Sex Dolls Are More Expensive Than Buying Dinner

Sex dolls cost more than pocket pussies, or an expensive date before the evening’s main event. However, a high-quality love doll will be yours forever, so it really isn’t unfair to pay premium prices for a premium sex companion. There are less-expensive options, but they’re likely to break or degrade rapidly.

  • No Human Interaction

No matter how realistic a sex doll is, there’s still no human component so the sexual activity may not feel quite as satisfying. When used in conjunction with a “regular” sex life, though, these dolls can provide the best of both worlds.

Custom Sex Dolls: Get The Girl Of Your Dreams

With the increasing popularity of sex dolls these days, it seems that you can already have the girl that you’ve been dreaming of. In fact, you don’t have to deal with the hassles of courting just to win the heart of your dream girl instead you just have to look for a sex doll. This can be one of the many reasons why a lot of people consider having a custom sex doll.

What to Expect from A Custom Sex Doll

Unlike the usual sex dolls you see before, modern sex dolls can now be customized. It only means that you can have your dream girl and spend your life with her forever. Isn’t it a great opportunity for men? You cannot deny the fact that meeting the one you are attracted to and winning her heart is never that easy. In fact, you might even get rejected which will surely break your heart. So if you want to stay away from such issues, investing on custom sex dolls can be your best option. Listed below are just some of the benefits that you can get from personalized sex dolls.

  • With a custom sex doll, you will no longer have to court the girl you like and get rejected. This can be a hard part for men to go through which is why some of them no longer take the risk of courting women. With the fact that you can already design a sex doll and make it look like the girl in your dream, then there is no reason for you to court anymore.
  • Sex dolls can also provide you with sexual pleasure. Not all men feel satisfied with their partner. If you already find it boring to have sex with your partner, then you can try making use of a sex doll. You can do anything you want and try different sex positions. Sex dolls can expose you wild side.
  • If you want a more realistic sex or having an intimate sex with a doll, then consider custom sex dolls. You will enjoy having an intercourse with a doll that you have customized.

It is true that spending on sex dolls is worth the money because it doesn’t only give you sexual satisfaction but you can also treat them as a companion. Besides, being with your dream girl will surely make you feel happy.

The Allure Of Love Dolls With Big Butts

When it comes to the most attractive physical features of a woman, one of most commonly mentioned by men is having a big butt. They may seem to be on the heavier side for some, but a huge booty is actually a sign of good health, youthfulness, and sexual prowess of a woman, which make her more attractive to men.

Because of that, there is no surprise that more and more love dolls that are popular with men nowadays come with large butts, especially the ones that are just released recently. Gone are the days when men in general are lusting for girls with skinny supermodel physique, and here goes the rise of dolls with big boobs, wide hips, and of course, big butts.

Love Dolls: Best With Big Butts

What’s with big fleshy butts, anyway? They may seem more like a pair of large lumps in the woman’s behind, but they are more than just additional fat and flesh – they are also additional assets that increases the sexy points of a woman, which make men want her more.

Big butts are clear indicators that a woman is taking care of herself well and having a healthy and vibrant lifestyle, which would reflect in the way she looks in other parts of her body. This is why women who twerk and shake their butts on TV, music videos, and other public events are more attractive to men watching.

Aside from that, having big butts adds a more beautiful proportion to the woman’s body, making it more like a three-dimensional hourglass. Such figure doesn’t only make a woman prettier and sexier to men – it also heighten her confidence and self-esteem, making her even hotter!

This is why when it comes to choosing the best love dolls to serve as your companion every night when you have no one to be with, the best one to get is the love doll with well-endowed parts just like in a human female, including a great pair of butts. By getting one with such butts, you will no longer have lonely and dull nights, only steamy and spicy ones.

Get Your Curvy Love Doll Online!

In case you are wondering, where can you get those lovely dolls with large and full butts that you can play and have fun with all night? You can get the perfect love doll for you only at the best adult shops online.

Do They Make Sex Dolls That Look Like Black Women?

If you will search the internet for sex dolls, you will definitely get lots of results. There are a lot of websites that could offer you a wide selection of sex dolls. And if you think that you can only find white sex dolls, then you are wrong because you can surely find a sex doll that you are looking for even black women. There are men who are more interested to black women, which is the reason why they prefer to have black sex dolls.

Enjoy Having Sex With A Black Sex Doll

People will surely have their own fetishes. If you are planning to buy a sex doll, then you should look for something that makes you feel excited and aroused. It would be more satisfying to have sex with a doll that you truly want. The good thing is that manufacturers of sex dolls made it possible for the buyers to customize the dolls the way they want to. They are free to decide on how the doll would look like with the fact that they will pay for it.

You don’t have to wonder why men prefer black sex dolls. Well, by just looking at these dolls with a shape of the body close to perfection, for sure you cannot resist the urge. They have big breasts, red lips, long hair, and anything you desire. Everything is possible for a sex doll not just with the appearance but also with what you want them to do. Black sex dolls can do whatever positions you want and even have sex with you for as long as you want to.

Black sex dolls are made of different materials and you can choose from a silicone doll or a TPE sex doll. If you are after durability, then choose silicone sex dolls yet you have to expect that this material makes the doll more expensive and heavier. On the other hand, if you will choose TPE sex dolls, then expect it to be cheaper and lighter. You can consider having black sex dolls with removable orifices if you want to easily clean it every after use.

If you have the interest to black women and would want to have sex with them for hours every night, then you can have a black sex doll. This can make all your wild fantasies come true.

Yes, Most Love Dolls Are Perfect For Cowgirl Sex

One of the most popular sex positions of all time is the one where the girl is straddling the guy who lies on his back, all while taking the control mostly by herself. Sure, there are many sex positions that are so crazy and satisfying to do and experience, but this position will be always on everyone’s list of their all-time favorite positions.

With its popularity, you might wonder if you can actually do the position popularly known as the cowgirl sex if you are instead getting it on with a love doll. Believe it or not, the answer is a big yes – in fact, most love dolls are perfect to do the popular sex position, so there’s really something to get excited about!

Cowgirl Sex: Totally Exciting!

Cowgirl sex is undoubtedly one of the most popular sex positions among both men and women. Not only it allows equal opportunity for both the male and the female partner to take control in every round, the level of satisfaction is even higher due to the fact that every single thrust directly hits the spot, making way for a highly satisfying orgasm for both.

But when it comes to getting it on with a love doll, the sexual satisfaction is even more intense and enjoyable! Given the position of the male partner, where he is lying down on his back, the weight of the female partner who straddles him will be entirely on his genital area. So once the penetration takes place, every thrust will send more electrifying sensations to your body, which you cannot achieve easily from other sex positions.

Aside from that, this sex position is even more fun with love dolls because the dolls themselves are designed and modelled after an actual female anatomy.

From the doll’s physical appearance, to her body, themes, and private parts, everything is so realistic and good to the touch. This is why through using it, you can easily forget that you are actually getting it on with a doll.

Get It On With Your Love Doll

There is no denying that cowgirl sex is a very fun and satisfying position to try with a love doll. This is why you have to get your own doll at the best online adult stores, so that you can satisfy yourself at any time even without a partner. By getting the best love doll, your nights will no longer be dull and lonely – and will always be spiced up and steamy.

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